1. An experiential production agency that drives engagement for consumers, businesses and employees – inspiring them to take action – thereby achieving exceptional results
  2. A methodology that ensures the momentum of events will accelerate over time
  3. Momentum + Continuum

1-word executive summary:

2-word battle cry:
Mediocrity Sucks

3-word philosophy:
Whatever It Takes

Bill Davis

Founder & Executive Producer

Picture the momentum of an ambitious 12-year-old bus boy evolving along a continuum into the Executive Producer of top-tier global events to understand Bill Davis and “get” the philosophy driving his company, Momentium.


Bill’s 20-year career history makes him the “real deal” on every level:

Dedicated to an industry most people stumble into; Bill went to school for it.

  • Georgia State University, Business School with emphasis in Special Events

Understands audiences and how to engage them emotionally and intellectually.
Some past Davis originals include…

  • Dazzling Executive Presentations
    Customized Music & Lyrics
    Madcap Carpool Karaoke
    Cinematic Storytelling set in a Recycling Dump
    You name it, Bill’s produced it

Gleans talent from around the nation / globe

  • His award-winning teams inspire the best & brightest collaboration

Visionary philosophy

  • The most important moment in a meeting is what happens when it’s over

Fun & Funny

  • It’ll be work, but it won’t feel like work

Large Scale Productions & Entertainment

Momentium co-produces Large Scale Productions & Entertainment with Executive Visions, Inc. Click for more.

We are very proud to announce that EVI CEO Michael Marto has joined our Advisory Boards. Click for more.

We design experiences that

Inspire Action


Moving audiences emotionally

Engaging attendees at every possible touch point

Creating mindshare amongst employees


A passionate team of industry professionals

Innovative Creative

Streamlined Production

Give us a spin!

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